Pre-Primary school education is the foundation for the lifelong learning experience and starting point for formal education. The children are exposed to varied and rich experiences that enable them to adapt to social behaviour and enhance their communication skills. Picnics, Educational tours, Outings and Nature Walks help the tiny tots to become aware of their environment and assist them in acquiring life skills. We prepare them to explore reality through their natural curiosity and zests for life. We believe that the child should learn at his/her own pace and comfort. Faculty of specially trained ECE teachers takes care of the little ones under our care.


When children enter Primary School they come with a relatively large aesthetic knowledge. All children, irrespective of their different socio –cultural background demonstrate a tendency to connect and participate in collaborative learning. The subject activities and lessons in Languages, Maths and Sciences Children provide opportunities to expand upon their creativity adding to their experiences through painting, art work, clay modelling, singing, recitation, storytelling and movement. Linking performance with Mathematics, language and environmental studies leads to an integrated approach in teaching learning process. Interlinking students with different subjects is a well-tested pedagogic tool for the teacher to exemplify and illustrate terms and concepts. Exposure to creativity, communication, linguistic comprehension, identifying, recognizing and applying whatever they have learnt in different contexts helps them to hone their cognitive skills. Objective is to make the children conscious about the good and beautiful in environment, including classroom, school, home and community through an integrated learning approach which they enjoy. We encourage the children to express their ideas and thoughts freely about different aspects of life thus developing all the senses of children through observation, expression and exploration.


The school adheres to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum and further amalgamates it with interesting. As the students graduate to the secondary school their basic concepts are developed and thought process is streamlined to an extent. The flow of learning also shifts from abstract to concrete. The curriculum provides them with upgraded and enriching learning experiences in various subjects like, Languages, Science, Social Science, Computers. Vital skills like analytical thinking & problem solving are developed during practical application in terms of experimental and experiential learning. Rote learning is discouraged. Stress is given on understanding and application of concepts as the objective is to prepare the students for the Senior Secondary School. The learning processes are also customized as per the individual learning needs. The students are provided with extra support during Remedial and Enrichment Classes.


KurmaSanskriti School follows Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), patnagaya road, Jahanabad, India’s most acceptable and comprehensive board of education and our curriculum


  • Teaching and learning to shift away from rote methods
  • Curriculum to be enriched enough to go beyond textbooks
  • Teach less to learn more
  • Opportunities to be created to enhance the ability of children to link learned knowledge to life outside the school
  • Examinations to be more flexible and integrated with classroom life
  • Classroom experience is directed towards becoming good citizens with a sense of equality and compassion
  • Communication is one of the important facets of a child development. Learning different languages and gaining self-belief by stage performances adds in becoming an effective communicator.