House Activites

House activity is a unique set up under which the students from each class are equally divided into four groups. Each group is assigned a house which are named after the four major rivers of different regions of India and are also represented by a specific colour. These rivers symbolize the rich cultural heritage and development of Indian civilisation. Each house is guided by a House teacher and lead by a house captain. House is allotted to all students from grades I to XII.

The school observes the following four houses:

  • 1. YELLOW
  • 2. GREEN
  • 3. RED
  • 4. BLUE

Many Inter House competitions are organized under this set up to encourage a sense of healthy competition amongst the students. A specific day of the week is allocated to such house activities. Each house is allocated a duration in the academic calendar, for which it is supposed to conduct the special assemblies along with other activities & competitions. This practice tends to provide an equal platform to all the students in order to nurture and showcase their inherit talents. Hundred percent student participation is ensured by organizing a plethora of inter house activities in order to celebrate various festivals within the school. The conception of the whole idea was envisioned to achieve unity of participation and uniform growth amongst all the students.