Examination System

Examination is an essential component of our education system. The reason is quite obvious. When children grow up, they have to prove their learning level and their academic work by doing well in different competitive examinations. We don’t want our children to suffer then and therefore we assess the student’s preparation level through examination.

The first examination is conducted in September and the second examination is conducted in March.

Recapitulation Test

Prior to these examinations’ recapitulation tests are conducted. On the basis of these recapitulation tests the children’s formative assessment is prepared. Formative assessment is also based on the child’s conduct, communication and participation in the class. The child’s performance in co academic activities is also taken into consideration for preparing formative assessment of the child.

Take Home Sessions

The team of Kurma Sanskriti School owns all the students that are studying at the school and therefore complete handholding is provided to the children before their recapitulation tests as well as during their examination. Children are prepared for the recapitulation test at the school. Two preparation periods are allocated to the preparation of each recapitulation test and similarly before each paper during the examination, eight hours are spent on the preparation of every paper. Thorough revision is conducted in the class by the teacher and student gets benefitted with that. These are take home sessions. Students get this feel that they are preparing under the supervision of the subject teacher. This kind of practice keeps the children stress free because they get instant solution to their problem that they have in any subject.