Kurma Sanskriti School is a school that welcomes boarders. The School develops students who have strong intellectual character, and are creative and courageous.

Health & Wellness hygienic & balanced diet

Care & Compassion: We care for our childrenand treat them like our own. We make sure they eat right, sleep well, study, take their medications in time, talk to their parents and develop all the right social attributes.

Green Campus pollution-free, well laid out

The school ensures that the boarders are imbued with a set of values so that they become principled and independent adults who are best equipped to deal with and benefit from the adult world. For many,learning to live with others in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect provides them with the very best means of personal development. Kurma Sanskriti School will be home to these students for the schooling years and they all will live together in harmony and forge friendships that will last the rest of their adult lives.

Pastoral Care emotional, social support

Engaging in conversation:  We provide them with dorm treats and snacks, which include all sorts of food and drinks. During this time,we make sure to sit with them and have a great time while talking about what’s going on in their lives. They talk to us about their day, what subjects they are having difficulties with, which classes they enjoy the most etc.

Discipline: We discipline them when they make a bad choice, teach them what is right and wrong and give them appropriate consequences as and when necessary.

Academic Support doubt clearing exam support

For a Residential School, life in the Houses is a very important aspect of the all-round education of the students. The House experience forms the backbone of a boy’s life at Kurma Sanskriti School. It is his home, their place of work for toye (homework) and the foundation of their group identity.

Sports Training by in-house coaches

Developing a Sportsperson:  With the abundant sports infrastructure available with Kurma Sanskriti School, we aim to develop sportsperson who will be cable to represent our country at di..erent platforms.A separate training session will be taking place for our boarding students for the sport they will show an inclination towards.